Monday, April 18, 2011

Lightest basketball sneaker ever, adiZero Crazy Light, hits the court

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If it seemed as though Philadelphia 76ers guard Jrue Holiday and Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose jumped a little higher than usual today -- in Rose's case, that's tough to do -- it may have been the shoes.

Both point guards were among a few players who laced up the adiZero Crazy Light in today's Game 1s as the NBA playoffs opened. At 9.8 ounces, the Crazy Light is the lightest basketball sneaker ever made, Adidas claims.

Unfortunately, this means one of my excuses for not being able to dunk -- "My shoes are too heavy!" -- is no longer valid.
"No other basketball shoe compares to the new adiZero Crazy Light and it's a shoe that will revolutionize the game," said Lawrence Norman, Adidas Vice President of Global Basketball, in a statement.
The Crazy Light, which will be released in stores in four colors June 3 and six additional colors in the fall, will sell for $130. This is bad news for anyone who shelled out $300 for the spring-loaded Concept 1 that were released last fall.

The Concept 1 was banned by the NBA for providing an unfair competitive advantage.

So far, there's no solid evidence the Crazy Light does the same. Whereas presumptive league Most Valuable Player Rose scored 39 points in a Bulls victory, Holiday was unable to lead the Sixers past the Miami Heat on Saturday.

A list of players wearing the new shoe today isn't available, but Indiana Pacers guard Darren Collison appeared to be wearing them, too. Portland Trail Blazers guard Andre Miller is rumored to be trying them out tonight.


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