Monday, June 20, 2011

PUMA’s Clever Little Bag at Epic Dubai

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PUMA’s Clever Little Bag: the groundbreaking, sustainable footwear packaging will be showcased at the EPIC Sustainable Living Expo in Dubai - the first ever Middle East exhibition on sustainability. PUMA will also be showcasing their Clever Little Shopper and Clever Little Packaging  - two new sustainable packaging options that are currently in development.

Clever Little Bag

The Clever Little Bag is the culmination of a partnership between PUMA and design luminary Yves BĂ©har of fuseproject, with the goal of creating a sustainable packaging and distribution system that would significantly reduce the amount of waste and CO2 emissions generated. PUMA’s new packaging system saves more than 65% of paper and 60% water, energy and fuel consumption annually.

More specifically, the Clever Little Bag uses less packaging, fewer raw materials and less water and energy in production than traditional shoeboxes. Thanks to a reduction in weight, energy use is also decreased during shipping. Annually, this translates into a reduction of 8,500 tons of paper used, 20 million megajoules of electricity saved, a reduction of 1 million litres of fuel and a savings of 1 million litres of water.

Clever Little Packaging

PUMA is developing sustainable apparel bags in the form of the Clever Little Packaging. By simply folding the shirt inside the bag one more time, PUMA have reduced the packaging size and thus savings on CO2 emissions, and by swapping the apparel bag material to 100% biodegradable cornstarch (dissolvable in warm water) they have also reduced the amount of plastic they use by 720 tons a year.

PUMA’s Clever Little Shopper

Hot on the heels of Clever Little Bag comes Clever Little Shopper, PUMA’s new carrier bag. At first glance, it looks the same but it's made from a new material—100% cornstarch. That means it's 100% biodegradable so it will completely decompose within a three month period. Not only will this save 192 tons of plastic and 293 tons of paper every year but it will mean that PUMA’s bags won't live in a landfill for the next 100 years.

EPIC Dubai  - the first ever Middle East exhibition on sustainability will bring together thousands of savvy shoppers to experience eco-friendly products and services covering different categories, including Fashion & Accessories, Food & Beverage, Leisure & Travel, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Business & Technology, Transportation, and Government. The EPIC Expo programme includes activities for the entire family and will feature EPIC Talks, EPIC Sights, EPIC Sounds, EPIC Eco-Fashion Shows, EPIC Live Cooking and EPIC Kids.

PUMA believes that by staying true to their core values; that of inspiring the passion and talent of our people, working in sustainable, innovative ways, and doing their best to be Fair, Honest, Positive, and Creative, they will keep on making the products their customers love, and at the same time bring that vision of a better world a little closer every day.

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