Tuesday, February 19, 2013

KLM: The Must See Social Map

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Zenith Comment:  Very cool and interactive idea from KLM.  I think more brands will move away from having apps on Facebook and instead bring them back into campaign sites / brand sites - websites allow brands to do more in terms of interactions and also the page is fully branded rather than sharing with other advertisers and Facebook.

Here’s the latest global social media campaign from KLM, and knowing the success of their past, this one has big things to live up to, and at first glance, it delivers in spades… A socially powered ‘Must See Map’ that aggregates everywhere your friends have been in a certain location, along with comments, tips and recommendations from your network.
So what’s new right? Well, not only can you choose your own map area, KLM will send you a high-quality print of the map, including all the social data, so you can get a little old school next time you travel. Slight shame it takes 3 weeks to be delivered, but then again, it’s free! Cool.
Source:  http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/klm-the-must-see-social-map/