Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nike Implements RSVP system for Sneaker Release

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Zenith Comment: Nice example of using Twitter to reserve new product. It will take away a lot of the PR that is normally generated around their product releases but as the article states, the PR is not always that good.  

The line-up, camp-out, carnival-like atmosphere as well as the occasional riot and stampede will all be a thing of the past very soon. Perhaps to stemmed the ongoing negative press over its practices for exclusive edition launches, Nike is setting the stage for a new Twitter RSVP system for sneaker releases. A high tech solution to eliminate all the unfavorable experiences relating to the line-up, the new process also ensures an amount of fairness among all sneakerheads. To start, simply follow the  feed of your nearest  Store or NikeTown retail point. Prior to a major release,  will inform potential buyer of a designated date for RSVP. On the said date, stores will begin tweeting time for the RSVP process to begin. Once the RSVP starts, potential buyers much Direct Message the store within 60 minutes and include:
1> Product Specific #Tag Sent Out By The Store
2> Last 4 Digits Of Your ID – State, Passport, Military, or School
3> Your Shoe Size

RSVP confirmation will be in the form of Direct Message from the store to you. Similar to an actual line-up, all sizes will be available via a “first respond, first serve” basis. Customers with confirmed RSVP must present identification and pick up their product in person on the day of the launch.
With the introduction of the Twitter RSVP system, Nike will also ban all midnight in-store releases, in turn, eliminating all line-up and camp-out. While the new procedure only accounts for Nike retail locations and not third-party outfit such as Foot Locker, it is the label’s way to ensure fairness and the safety of its consumers.
The new Twitter RSVP system will start tomorrow, April 19th, as Nike gets ready to launch the Air Jordan XII Retro “Playoffs” on April 21st. For detailed instruction and a list of Nike Store/NikeTown Twitter Accounts, simply see the full disclosure below.