Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pinterest Competitor Analysis / Review

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Zenith Comment (Yen Yip):  Following on from the Pinterst posts, below is a review on competitors boards along with a few thoughts on what PUMA could add.

Besides Puma (150 followers), Nike Running (59 followers) & Adidas (95 followers), other competitors like Reebok, New Balance, Converse have also started their Pinterest boards.

Reebok UK (12 followers) - http://pinterest.com/reebokuk/

  • Pinned number of videos to promote Reebok CrossFit 
  • Here's a youtube video recorded the Flash Mob event in downtown Toronto on Feb 22 last Thu http://pinterest.com/pin/283445370267554421/ 
  • It would be nice if Puma APAC can create an account and pin event videos for Social!

Reebok Sports (2 followers) - http://pinterest.com/rbksportsclub/

  • Haven't post up anything yet, but created 6 Boards including Tennis, SPA, Fitness, Life Style, Sports, NiƱos

Reebok Hockey (13 followers) - http://pinterest.com/reebokhockey/

  • Not much has been updated, but they have also pinned a video promoting "Reepower"
  • Since Vimeo.com cannot be pinned right now (only youtube video allowed at the moment), they posted a link on Videos board where you can go directly to their Vimeo page

New Balance (12 followers) - http://pinterest.com/newbalance/

  • Only one board pinning their NB Lifestyle products, not attractive for consumers

Converse (6 followers) - http://pinterest.com/conversechile/

  • Getting organized and they are pinning snap shots with people wearing Converse. 
  • It would be nice if Puma APAC can create an account and start collecting snap shots too

With our existing Puma boards, there's no video posted up yet, which it would be a good start if we can link some event/concert short clips for FAAS & Social across APAC. There's a video pinned from a potential Nike fans:

  • Posted on Pinterest : Recovery - Nike Football http://pinterest.com/pin/148196643958088851/
  • Originally on Youtube : Nike Football Training Camp / Pro: Episode 2 Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MOzLL3n1X90

Last but not least, there's other promotion we can do targeting Pinterest users, this app got 11.3M monthly users and 1.4M fans (Like) on Facebook.

  • Starbucks is giving away Free Giftcards - http://pinterest.com/pin/100345897917314631/