Thursday, June 21, 2012

Retail & E-commerce - Cannes Lions 2012 Winner

PumaPulse Curated By ZenithOptimedia, The ROI Agency Find out more at

This campaign site developed by Uncle Grey in Denmark is for the launch of Only Jeans Spring / Summer 2012 collection.

An online interactive film experience for girls aged 16-25. A fashion catalogue, movie, game, music video, and the world’s first on demand, online, video, retail environment. With a simple click any time, the film freezes, turning into an interactive catalogue and from here you can: browse, like, pin, tweet and buy. You also interact with the story. Amongst other things, steal jeans, that, if you’re lucky, are sent to you for real and free. Finally your personal experience is summed up in a bespoke catalogue, so you can revisit the clothes you looked at, shop, share, download music and wallpapers.

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